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Absente – Absinthe Collectible Art

Absente (Absinthe Refined) is the brainchild of Michel Roux and was the first Absinthe like product when it hit the market in 1999, and at 110 proof is the chemically closest reproduction of the infamous 19th century liquor. This product was notorious for its popularity among artists of its day such as Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Degas, as well as poets like Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe. It was believed that Absinthe assisted in getting the “creative juices flowing” and as with its predecessor, Absente Refined has commissioned some of the most influential contemporary artists to incorporate Absente Refined into original works of art. These “Green Fairy Inspired” works created by artists such as Ron English, Romero Britto, Burton Morris, as well as many others, are for sale in poster and T-shirt form. For anyone who knows someone hip, artistic, and who can appreciates a creative and artistic experience, Absente Refined and its artwork make the perfect gift available exclusively at Absolute Americana Art Gallery.

Grande Absente (Absinthe Originale) was introduced to the American market in 2007, created with the legendary botanical Artemisia Absinthium and boasts an alcohol content of 138 proof. Created with only the finest ingredients from Southern France, a brand of this magnitude could only be represented by the finest artistic campaign. Artist extraordinaire, John Pacovsky has used his full range of talent creating his version of classical artwork and incorporating the bottle of Grande Absente within the art piece. These 120 amazing productions are an homage to some of the most recognizable paintings in world, emphasizing the relationship and harmony between fine art and Grande Absente. Some posters are available through Absolute Americana Art Gallery and more will be added continuously, so put down the brush and come check out something truly unforgettable, and always drink responsibly.

English Absente